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Terms and Conditions

BOOKING: to secure a date, a deposit must be made and terms and conditions must be accepted upon Request to Book. The deposit is Non-Refundable but does go toward your total cost. 

Please be Advised that dates and scheduled makeup times will only be reserved when terms and conditions are accepted and payment is received!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Makeup will be completed to the clients satisfaction, but is not to exceed allowed makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup session upon booking. Acceptance of makeup application by client is acknowledgment by client that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction. If client is not satisfied by their session PLEASE speak up!! Do not go on your socials and slander my name before giving me a chance to rectify the wrong. I am human not a genie but I've been doing this long enough to say that some things in your session I cannot control for example: watery eyes after lash application or mascara application. Thank you.

SOCIAL RECOGNITION: If you share a selfie or get professional images please tag M.K Beauty or Melinda King on Facebook/instagram. A referral goes along way in my line of work and if you love how i made you look/feel it would mean so much to me to see that tag. :)

CANCELLATION: Once session is booked, deposit is Non-Refundable. It comes down to time on this one, you booked me out on a schedule that i can no longer fill in time. Unless there is a life altering situation that has taken place i will NOT refund.

If you cancel the day of i will charge FULL PRICE of service. I cannot express this enough: If you feel the day before that you can't make it or are having scheduling issues please cancel!! 

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